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Enjoy the magical and unforgettable experience of a Dolphin Encounter... be touched by magic

Welcome to Dolphin Marine Magic... a place where life-long memories and experience happen every day. Offering incredible dolphin swimming experiences and the opportunity to swim with dolphins for all aged six and older. This magical encounter is one that the entire family can share and have amazing memories for a lifetime.

Gift vouchers are available and make for a very special birthday or Christmas gift, or maybe for Valentine’s Day or a Wedding Anniversary. Advance bookings are essential and prices are seasonal.

For all information regarding dolphin swimming and encounters, seal swimming and ticketing information, please call (02) 6659 1900.

Marine Magic Presentations everyday!

Visit the multi-award winning Marine Park, located in Coffs Harbour New South Wales, Australia. Dolphin Marine Magic was first opened in 1970 as a rescue and rehabilitation centre and continues to do so today.

Open everyday, with Marine Magic Presentations hosted daily. Before the show starts, play ball with the dolphins if they're in the mood, and then receive your free Seal and Dolphin kiss. Ensure you pre book your animal encounters with our friendly dolphins and cheeky seals and learn about the stunning features and behaviours of these beautiful mammals and enjoy the interactive show with opportunities to feed the Seals and Dolphins.

After the Marine Magic Presentation, guests are given the opportunity of patting the dolphin’s bellies, feeding the fish, Green Sea Turtles, Port Jackson Sharks and even the Little Blue Penguins.

At Dolphin Marine Magic, we aim to offer incredible and unique experiences to all out visitors. Having the opportunity to come and spend a day with some of nature’s most beautiful mammals is a fun and unique experience, no doubt the entire family will enjoy!

Offering a range of tailored dolphin and seal experiences, we have an experience to suit everyone, these include:

Fun for all ages and interactive for everyone, Dolphin Marine Magic is unlike anywhere in the world, where all visitors are given the opportunity to... be touched by magic!

For all information regarding dolphin encounters, seal swimming and ticketing information, please call (02) 6659 1900.

Be touched by magic
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