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We receive loads of praise from our happy customers. Read through testimonials of past visitors to the park and even add your own - you could win free entry to the park for you and your family!

For your chance to win free entry for you and your family - write a testimonial

   A BIG congratulations to Ash who is our latest winner for this Quarter (July - Sept 2018). We look forward to welcoming you & your family to the park again soon.

Tia Armand-Burton 28-Jun-2016

Hello my name is Tia and I am now 16yrs old. I have a little sister Zara seen in the picture being kissed on the cheek. Ever since I was a little girl my mum and dad have taken us to Marine Magic usually once a year or every two years depending on mum and dads work. Mum knows it as the pet porpoise pool we love it! We have the best time and have made great memories here. I would love to share this with my host exchange sister Bailee who is from NZ she is here for 3months and we would love to bring her to Marine Magic so she can be kissed by a seal and a dolphin as she has never been up close and personal to either. Thank you I hope we have the opportunity to come along again so very much :-) from Tia, Zara and Bailee
Thank you very much for the testimonial, I really like hearing from our past guests and their experiences. Hope to welcome you to the park soon.  Paige Sinclair CEO

Eva Glass 24-Jun-2016

Hi my name is Eva. I absolutely love dolphins but haven't had the privelage of coming to your park yet. I have heard great stories from friends about your park and the great interactions they got to have with dolphins and seals. We are passing through in October and I would love to be able to come and meet your dolphins and explore your park. I have attached a pic when I met a dolphin at another park but would love to have another encounter at yours and this time would love my brother to also be able to meet them. Thanks Eva
Hi Eva - We look forward to seeing you in the Spring.  Paige Sinclair CEO

Simone Battisson 16-May-2016

I was reminded today of how special swimming with Dolphins is, never shared my experience before. It was 2006, my Daughter swam with Calamity and bay Bella, she was lucky and had one on one with her. I myself swam with the majestic Bucky, (I have a tattoo of him now), best experience ever. I was also lucky enough for little Miss Pearly to jump on my head, really wasn't expecting it. The whole family had a wonder day, Lochie got to dance with Maxine, he didn't think she was going to be that heavy. Thank you for a truly wonderful family experience, it is something I will never forget.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us, its wonderful to read your story.  Paige Sinclair CEO

Kerrie Kennedy 08-May-2016

Hi, my family and I are embarking on our first north coast holiday from Country NSW in October this year. I would love to give my girls, 2 of whom have albinism and vision impairment, the opportunity to get up close and personal with the dolphins. Thank you for allowing me to enter.
Thank you for writing a note to us.  Paige Sinclair CEO

Eloise Forth 13-Apr-2016

We are coming to Coffs Harbour in October for a well needed family holiday. My husband has been very sick having to undergo a quadruple bypass 2 months ago after suffering a massive heart attack 18 months ago. Our little boys have been so brave through the whole experience but it has been a very hard 18 months for them and for us all. We are planning a treat of a family holiday for them and my parents who have helped us out no end and we would love for them to see the dolphins up close at your park. We have heard great things about your park and have it on our must visit list. See you in October!
We look forward to welcoming your family to the park in the spring.  Paige Sinclair CEO

Lili Morgan 13-Apr-2016

My name is Lili, it's my 12th birthday next week, I visited the Porpoise Pool over 4years ago. It was the happiest my Mum has ever seen me. I have a rare brain disorder, I'm unable to Talk nor walk but when I was with the Dolphin I felt so at ease as like dolphins I too communicate differently and am often misunderstood. I would love to come visit the Park again, it would be a dream come true, especially for my Birthday x
Thanks for your testimonial Lili, great photo by the way. Paige Sinclair CEO

Heidi Richardson 31-Mar-2016

Always wanted to swim with the dolphins, Been a bit scared of them in the water, one way of testing that out, I'm bringing my two boys to the Famous Dolphin marine magic park, we live in Wollongong and i want to make this a holiday one that they will never forget my boys are 16yrs old and a bit scared of big fish so for all of us i would love to share this with them. I'm losing my eye sight I've got a vascular retinal onclusion disease no cure, and would love the opportunity to make a dream a reality I've heard great reviews on dolphin marine magic. My boys and i would be so grateful, too see them playing and jumping out of the water your park looks amazing i cant wait for me and my boys get there.
Hello Heidi - we hope that you and your two boys enjoy your visit, and there is nothing to be afraid of. Regards Paige Sinclair CEO

Tamara Nobbs 17-Mar-2016

I did the feeding and pat the dolphin and seals and got photos with them. but I never got the chance to get in the water with the dolphin to have an experience fun. I hope I win this free experience with my partner and my 3 years old daughter :)
Hi Tamara, thank you for your testimonial, you are in the draw. Regards Paige Sinclair

Zoe 18-Feb-2016

In 2014 I went with my family to Dolphin Marine Magic.It was AMAZING! : ) I got kisses from a seal and a dolphin! It was the best experience in my life. When I am an adult,I want to work at Dolphin Marine Magic.
Hi Zoe, thank you for your kind words. Study your lessons at school well, we only take on staff that have shown an aptitude towards having good grades and a great work ethic.  Paige Sinclair CEO

Hart Family 19-Jan-2016

Dear Paige & Staff This afternoon we picked up our two girls from Dolphin Marine Magic and their faces were beaming after a day participating in the Junior Ranger Program. Still grinning from ear to ear they have not stopped talking about their amazing day. Please pass on our gratitude to your wonderful and caring staff for a fantastic day. They will never forget this experience and are already asking when they can come for another encounter. Thank you once again The Hart Family xo
I will pass on your gratitude and I am pleased the little ladies had a fantastic time.  Regards Paige Sinclair CEO

Stacey Klish 12-Jan-2016

We stopped off at Coffs Harbour on our way home from a QLD holiday. The one thing we made sure to do was visit Dolphin Marine Magic, who could miss getting a kiss from a dolphin and a seal!! My kids absolutely loved our visit! The dolphin show was fantastic and the kids loved getting to have so much intersection with these beautiful creatures, whether it was getting a beautiful photo and kiss, feeding the seal, or patting the dolphin. A truly memorable finish to a wonderful family holiday and memories we will always remember. We have just booked our next trip to Coffs with a special Dolphin encounter as a surprise for our daughters birthday....can't wait!!! Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the wonderful testimonial, we look forward to welcoming you back.  Paige Sinclair CEO

Chloe Cheetham 01-Jan-2016

My day at dolphin marine magic started at the gates hoping that they day would be a day to remember and it definitely was. From the cute little blue penguins, to the seals and dolphins and much more I was in love. Watching the seals and Dolphins was okay and being able to interact with them is amazing. The relationship the Dolphins and Seals have with their trainers are amazing something I could only dream of. The turtles are just wonderful they are such gentle creatures swimming through the pool. Then came the big pool with all the big fish in it and well I wasn't expecting them to grab the fish the way they did. That day was truly a day to remember forever. Hi Chole - I am very pleased you enjoyed your time with us, We hope to see you one day soon.  Regards Paige Sinclair CEO


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I seen Bucky on sash on TV just now. What an amazing spirit. I feel blessed to be kissed by a trooper. Xoxo thank you Greg for sharing an amazing dolphin. I work with Fuji and I am glad we have a photo booth for people to keep the memories. Sometimes it is all you have. I love my kiss picture with Bucky. Thank you for your photo. Paige Sinclair CEO..

Katherine Thompson

This was my last visit to The pet Porpoise pool 35 years ago I was 7. we used to go every year when I was little and my grandmother getting kissed by a seal was the highlight of the day. I loved feeding the fairy penguins and my dream is to one day swim with the dolphins. I would love to win passes to marine magic to experience it again with my family. What great memories Katherine, we hope to w..


My mum and I just spend the whole weekend at Pet Porpoise Pool, we travel from Tweed to Coffs just to see Buck and Zip, we love them and can't get enough. Already driven down 3 times this year, and every time it's amazing. And we loved seeing all 5 dolphins in the pool, Bella's a sneaky little thing! We got drenched by her plenty of times hahaha. Great to hear you enjoyed yourselves - Paige S..


We visited the dolphin magic park on 3other occasions prior to our last visit which we took our daughter to who was 4yrs old she loved every minute of it from the dolphins kisses seal kisses and penguin feeding she hasn't stopped raving about it she loved steves reptile show and even purchased his book which she insists on reading everyday It was a great day out for the family I now have a son..

Trish W

From the moment we entered Dolphin Marine Magic DMM we felt welcome. The facilities were well run and very clean. The staff were amazing and the animals are healthy and happy. To hear the rehabilitation, education and environmental messages from the staff was inspiring. The level of interaction was amazing, so much fun. Then to have a one-on-one experience with Adelaide the Sea Lion was really..

Evie Glyde

I remember coming to Dolphin Marine Magic with my school. It was 2 years ago and the seal gave me a kiss! It was so wet and sloppy! I loved having lunch and seeing all the birds and wildlife. I can’t wait to go again! Thank you Evie - we hope to see you again soon!..


It was super fun for the kids. Seal and dolphin Show was amazing. My older daughter (5y.o.) had a chance to play with a seal and even fed him with octopus)))). Thanks a lot for the great day. Would be awesome to win free entry to the park because we are going back very soon!!! Thank you Natalia & good luck!..

Rubi Merchant

We travelled all the way from Brisbane to visit the park after finding it online. It was worth the drive because we had a great experience - my girls had the time of their lives. The show and the kiss the dolphin and hug a seal experience is once in a lifetime. The fact that you get to see the animals up close and personal is amazing. Thank you for making our holiday the best. Hi Rub..

Ellie rae

Hey I’m ellie I’m 17 and from the country I’ve never seen a dolphin in person and reckon it would be the best opportunity for my family and I. It would be an amazing experience to leave the farm and see marine life up close and not on tv. One of my friends came and visited you’s last year and got kissed on the cheek by a dolphin and that it honestly my dream Thank you for your messag..


This was quite a few years ago now, but it’s one of my happiest memories to think back on. My family and I had just finished eating at the cafe area, and one of the workers came up to us and asked if I wanted to come help feed some of the animals. I said yes! I ended up being able to feed the fairy penguins, and meet all of the animals without having a huge crowd around. Also, where did Henrie..

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